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an't let him out of our sight. The question is, what are we going to do with him?" "You jus


t leave me alone or it will be the worse for you," Stevens blustered. "I am not


the man----" Before Stevens could finish his speech he was jerked violently b


ackwards by Perks, and turned over on his face. In less time than it takes to te


ll, his hands were bound behind his back with a couple of straps, and his feet w


ere fastened together with the aid of some handkerchiefs which Perks borrowed fr


om his companion. The thing was dexterously done, so that Stevens lay there on h


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is back, swearing hotly at Perks, and threatening him with what was likely to happen when his

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time came. "Oh, that's all right," Perks said cheerfully; "don't you be a

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fool, John. It will pay you much better to play the square game with these

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gentlemen, and as to your threats, why, they don't worry me. You talk about

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splitting. Why, you dare not go within a mile of a police station. And a nic

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e witness before magistrates you would make. No, my lad; there is no c

hance of your doing me any harm unless you are prepared to stand in the dock by my side. Now, come along, and we'll get it over." "What are you going to do with him?" Ravenspur asked. "Oh, that is an easy one,"

Perks grinned cheerfully. "We'll just carry him as far as the common, and dump him down on a nice bed of bracken wh

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ere he can pass the time studying astronomy. I haven't any fear that h

e can get rid of these bandages. When everything is settled, I'll come back and fetch him. Then I can take him home, and give him some breakfast. He won't bear any malice. That is a very good point about John Stevens

: he never bears malice for long. As a matter of fact, he ain't got pluck enough." Stevens was dumped unceremoniously down upon the bracken, and the little party went back to the house. Lord Ravenspur had forgotte

n all about Walter for the moment. His mind had reverted to the murder in Fitzjohn Square. He was thinking of Delaha

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y and certain fresh facts which had recently come to light. He allowed

Venables to precede him. Then he drew Perks aside for a moment. "I am going to ask you a question," he said, "and I hope you will answer it straightforwardly. I will see that no harm comes to you. And, indeed, in

any case it will be to your advantage to be candid. Have you had any dealings lately with this man Stevens? You kno

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"Donec id elit non mi porta gravida at eget metus. Praesent commodo cursus magna, vel scelerisque nisl consectetur et."

John Doe, to watch our movements.

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w what I mean. Have you bought anything from him for which you paid wi

thout asking any questions?" "Only this very morning, sir," Perks admitted cheerfully. "To tell you the truth, that little thing what you gave me a sovereign for was amongst the lot. And now I have said it. I am a fool to tell you this, but you gave me your word, sir----" "That is all right," Ravenspur said. "I shall keep it." CHAPTER XXXVIII. IN THE HOUSE. Meanwhile, Walte

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    r was standing there in pitch darkness, utterly at a loss what to do n

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    ext. He had no light to guide him. He had not the remotest idea in whi

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    ch direction the door lay. He took a step or two forward, with outstre

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